Wednesday, October 29, 2008

they just keep getting better

Names from the past couple weeks:

Stanette Bumpass
Ginger Sapp (get it?... like the cookie)
Chicicka Kakeele
And last, but certainly not least, Shafreeka Shananna Sahora

Too bad these are all girl names. What in the world will I use to inspire my choice of boy names? Maybe I could just take the -a off the last one and have myself a little Shafreek. What do you think?

(I tried to spell check this post... what a joke!)


Sarah said...

i wonder what kind of trouble you could get in for posting these...

shaina said...

hey! i got a blog. i really have no use for a blog but my friend angela basically made me get one so whatever. at least i can comment on post now. those names if you name that baby shafreek we are no longer sisters. haha. see you tomorrow! love you.

AnneConover said...

Love the new layout!!!

Katherine said...

Look at you with the cute blog redesign!! Adorable!