Friday, October 3, 2008

i WANT pizza

The first week at the new job was a success! There are only three of us in the office, and I have the privilege of working with two of the nicest most Godly women I've ever met. They are fabulous! I attempted to create my first poster on Publisher. It was not hard to use, but I'm not good at design, and it has ended up looking really busy and confusing. I'm ashamed to call myself my brother's sister, and really just want to send it to him, pooch out my lips in a pitiful-like way and get him to do it for me. Wouldn't they be impressed??? :)

Meanwhile at the Board of Elections...
This week's best names: Ditsy Marie and Queen Esther

Yesterday I got myself all worked up, just convinced that the baby was not okay. I guess there will be days like this: days that I feel completely anxious, unnerved, and out of control. I called my doctor's office, and they let me come in to hear the heartbeat... a beautiful sound! I felt stupid for going in (especially since I have an appt this coming Monday), but it was going to be a very LONG weekend worrying. Feeling ridiculous is worth some peace of mind. My nurse (Sandy) who was with us the day we found out we lost Gabe and the two wonderful receptionists (Linda and Cynthia) reassured me that this is very normal. They told me that it is okay to be paranoid and that I should come in WHENEVER I start feeling that way. (They are all a HUGE blessing in my life). I think I will be okay once I can feel the little one moving around in there... should be in the next couple weeks.

I continue to be amazed at what God is doing in my life DAILY!

Tomorrow I'm going into the BOE for about four hours to work. We need the money and they need the help. I'm not so excited about working on a Saturday, but if I can get there by 8:30, I'll be done by midday. That won't be so bad.

On Sunday, Peyton and the kids are coming, and we are all going up to my Uncle Raymond's for a mini family reunion with my dad's side of the family. I'm actually really looking forward to it, as I haven't seen many of them in years. And it's always GREAT to hang with the kiddos. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures.

I have to go. Matt just got in from mowing the yard, and the baby wants Pizza Hut! And we can't deny the baby now, can we?

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