Wednesday, August 13, 2008

nuestra casa

Here are some before and after pictures of our house. We moved in a year ago, and most of the work was done that long ago, but when I have had my house clean enough to warrant taking pictures, I've forgotten to take them. (THAT, my friend, was a run-on sentence) So last time I cleaned, I took some. Believe me, my house does NOT get weekly cleanings, so photo shoots are few and far between. :)

The living room. We took up the carpet and replaced it with hardwoods to match what was already down and to give us a bigger-seeming space.

The kitchen. I chose a risky paint color combo, but it ended up working out okay. Thanks to Peyton and Amy for the massive amount of help on the cabinets. What a pain!

The hall / entryway from different angles.

The master bedroom. RED PAINT IS THE DEVIL. Sarah and I just started referring to this as "the red room" with much disdain in our voices. This is after 5 gallons, and if you were to remove all of the furniture, there are spots that still look streaky, uneven, and pink. Grrr....

The upstairs bedrooms. We kind of crammed everything (computer, desk, extra bookshelves) in the guest room when we made the other bedroom into the nursery. These rooms are slightly bigger than they appear in the pictures, but are hard to get a shot of.
Finally, I must say this: The above would not have been possible without my amazing sister, Sarah, who gave up many a day to help me paint last summer. We were both on the verge of stark-raving mad by the time it was all over, but look how pretty! It was all worth it (to me, probably not to her).
Thanks Sarah. I owe you big time.
(Special mentions: Jamie - who helped in the living room... see if I EVER do texture-painting again; Brittany - who helped in the guest room; and Debbie - who, in my eyes, is a decorating goddess)


brightleigh said...

Hey, will you come paint my house? JK I know you can't right now. I am ready for some color though--you know we are so VANILLA! I will have to get you, Katie and Jennifer to help me! Your house is beautiful and I love the colors--I admire your courage to use the color!

Katherine Hilton said...

Loved seeing the pictures! I remember when you were picking out colors. I am thrilled with the way your kitchen came out. It looks great!