Thursday, August 28, 2008

funny names and popsicles

I have nothing to blog about except...

I'm working a temp job right now at the Board of Elections. It's work and it's money, so I am thankful. It's kind of tedious, but the people I work with are super-nice, so that makes it enjoyable. I'm glad to be out of the house; excited to be productive. And, man, I'm learning to type like a beast.

You should hear some of the names of people I'm registering.
Today's favorite: Princess Azana-Madyah Smith
(Last name has been changed to protect unknown Forsyth County royalty)

I also had to call a lady yesterday to confirm her address. After she confirmed it she said (in a rather Wilkes County-ish sort of twang) "Uh, yeah, I been wantin' to ask ya. This election stuff. Does that mean I can like go and vote for Labamba?" Me: "Um, yes ma'am." (Really, what do you say to that???)

Here are some cute pictures I was looking at today. They are of Asher's very first popsicle. These were taken A LONG time ago (Spring of 2006???), way before Ainsley's cute little self existed and when Peyton and Amy were still living in DC.


brightleigh said...

Patrice you are too funny talking about names...We always have a chuckle in the library when we get the incoming 6th grade list. Last year's favorite: Brashawnkwa. Who would do that to a child? I am glad your job is going well--doesn't sound too boring, that is for sure!

Sarah said...

"a rather wilkes county-ish accent"

hahaha. peyton did the labamba impression for me last night. too funny. definitely "blog worthy"

Katherine Hilton said...

Did you see Todd's letter to Angie today on Bring the Rain? It must be amazing to be loved like that!!