Wednesday, June 18, 2008

game night at stevie and erin's

A couple weeks ago we went to Stevie and Erin's for a game night. Chuck and LeeAnn came too. It was very fun. We played Trivial Pursuit, ate pizza, and watched some Bill Cosby stand-up. Well, it was really more fun for the girls than the guys. We KILLED them in Trivial Pursuit. Guess who got a sports question right for pie? That would be me. Matt was so proud.

A pic of the guys... as we take them to school.
Caleb... chillaxin'

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Steve Weeks said...

i think that even when i am 80 years old i will still be refered to as "little 'stevie' weeks"...that's cool though...hey that caleb kid is pretty handsome...he resembles someone i know