Sunday, May 18, 2008

hotdogs, hotdogs, racing, more hotdogs

Matt and I had a fun weekend. On Friday evening, we went to Erin Weeks' graduation party/cookout. She thought it was just going to be a few family members coming by, but Stevie surprised her with a cookout for her and about 30-40 of her closest family members and friends. We got to spend some great quality time with Stevie, Erin, Chuck and LeeAnn. It was a lot of fun, and Chuck was hilariously inappropriate as usual. It makes me smile.

Saturday night we went with our friends Erica and Mitch to Kermit's hotdogs and then to the races at Bowman Gray Stadium. This was interesting, to say the least, but also extremely fun. Many crashes, and lots of payback which is always fun to watch. I think it's amusing to watch a driver pretend he can't move his car until the guy who wrecked him comes back around. Miraculously, the wrecked car starts at that exact moment and just happens to plow into the guy who did the hitting. Good times. Saturday night's feature was the chain race. Now this is an interesting concept. There are two cars chained together, a driver in each car. The first car is the motor and transmission, while the second car has the brakes. (I'm pretty sure the guy who originally thought this up had enjoyed a little too much alcohol.) This creates lots of glorious havoc, which, last night, ended up with one of the back cars flipping over on its top while the front car drug him along trying to finish the race. Of course this caused lots more wrecking and chaos which I suppose is the point. Everyone was okay, besides some bruised egos. Hanging out with Erica and Mitch was wonderful, and I look forward to going again.
FYI: We hate the Myers brothers and pull for Junior Miller. (These are apparently the rules.) :)

Tonight we went to Chapel Hill for Potluck in the Park with Peyton and Amy's church. It was fun getting to hang out and meet some new people from the community, but it rained the whole time. That was kind of a bummer, but it was still a good time.

Matt and I are doing as well as can be expected. We are healing, and although we are still sad and miss Gabe more than we could ever say, we are finding that it is getting a little easier, one day at a time. Please keep praying. We cannot express how grateful we are for all the love and support. We love you.

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brightleigh said...

Hey that racing stuff sounds fun--we used to go to the races like that in Robersonville and they had a Bomber class of cars--the drivers could only put so much $$ into the cars. They chained the cars together and you should have seen them trying to go around the corners. Whew! We continue to pray and think of you guys. We love you. Glad you had a good weekend.