Tuesday, May 27, 2008

gabe's garden

While Matt's family was here this weekend Matt's dad and brother-in-law helped us do some landscaping in the yard. We added a big flower bed across the back of our fence. We planted a dogwood tree (that was given to us in memory of Gabe) and some flowers and bushes. Matt's mom gave me a bird bath for Mother's day and Matt's dad gave us a garden bench for Father's day. It's very beautiful, and I'm super excited. It's such a pretty view from our back deck. I'm going to add a bird feeder and possibly some long rectangular flower boxes. I still need to plant the wildflower seeds we were given at Gabe's funeral.

Kim (Matt's sister) gave Matt these wind chimes to remember Gabe. They are so pretty, and I love that we can open the screen door to the back deck and hear them (even when we're upstairs).

Maw Maw gave me this plant. Isn't it beautiful?

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brightleigh said...

Wow, chicky you have been busy. I am sure you will find that special section in your yard to be very therapeutic. Your yard is beautiful. Thank you for sharing on your blog. We miss you!