Monday, February 3, 2014

good news!

We just found out this morning that in court this morning, they terminated rights of the unknown father in G's case. Meaning that he is now 100% officially legally free for adoption!!!

This is huge news and long awaited for, and we can now FINALLY begin the adoption process. It will take several months, but G is well on his way to becoming an official Williams. (And I'm so sorry that I still can't show his face until that happens!)

On April 22nd, 2008, when my heart was shattered into a million pieces when I gave birth to our sweet, stillborn Gabriel, I never ever could have imagined that God would put so much goodness and hope into our future. That this would be the picture of our future family.

Y'all, my cup runs over! We are so blessed and praising God for all He's done for us, for G, for our present, and for our future. We could not ask for more.

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