Wednesday, July 31, 2013

family update

Y'all keep emailing me to PLEASE give an update or PLEASE come back to the blog, and although I miss documenting our memories in this way and miss hearing from all of you, I feel like I have NOTHING exciting to say.

To be honest, I'm so far "behind," when I try to think of something to write about or where I need to go back to, it's to early 2012... so needless to say, I get overwhelmed and give up before I have even started. So nothing too exciting, but here's a quick family synopsis.

House - We were going to list our house to try to get a little more space and to get closer to our church area and friends. After crunching the numbers, it was just tighter financially than we wanted it to be, so here we stay. In the house we love (but sometimes feels a little small and far away from all our people).

Matt - Doing well. Being mellow. Not getting in a tizzy over anything. Solidly pushing forward. Still crazy about sports. I take back the tizzy thing. He does get in a tizzy (short-lived usually) about sporty things. LIKE OH MY GOODNESS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT TOOK THE BRAVES THAT LONG TO PUT HEYWARD HITTING LEAD OFF??? I SAID THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT A MONTH AGO!!! (And so on and so forth.)

Me - I'm doing pretty well. Just hanging out at home most days with our two boys, and enjoying mommy-hood (um... for the most part).  I'm really involved in Women's Ministry leadership at our church and am now teaching the book (or more facilitating discussion), Satisfy My Thirsty Soul, on Wednesday nights. I LOVE teaching and being part of a (non-high school aged... no offense...I'm just not cut out for that in a church setting) group of women, and feel God has given me my niche. I'm so thankful and blessed to be in a church that encourages each person to use their gifts and get involved. I'm also looking back over the last five years or so, and after some important talks with my closest people, feel like I need to do some serious work on being less anxious. So my new themes I'm asking God to help me with are peace, calmness, and simplification - which are not things that come naturally for me. Being still, having a quiet heart, a gentle spirit, being able to relax, and waiting for the Spirit's prompting (versus being impulsive, busy, jumping the gun) are unnatural for me, but necessary at this time in my life. It's all a journey. :)

Jonah is doing great. Still blistering, but still healing. Still having open wounds, but still resisting infection. Still eating almost entirely by g-tube, but getting the nutrition he desperately needs. And gaining a few pounds to boot! He is still tender hearted, good natured, and has compassion for others. BUT Y'ALL. You can say what you want to about two, and you can bash three, but FOUR? Four has not been my favorite. I love him dearly and he is still so sweet, but homeboy has forgotten how to listen the first time and likes, all of a sudden, to talk back. We (both he and I) are currently working on attitude adjustments. Shwoo. Learning that you yourself have an attitude problem and that your child has learned it from you? Humbling. But tomorrow is a new day (and we've both done pretty well today, as a matter of fact). And he really is the World's Best Brother.

G - I wish I could tell you a million things about him, but since he is still technically a foster child, alas, I cannot. I will tell you this. He is THE sweetest, most laid back, smiliest, cutest thing you've ever seen. I could just eat him up. He will soon be celebrating his first birthday, and I'm just blown away at how fast this year has gone. And the day everything is finalized, and we can post his sweet photos, you will want to stop following me on Instagram and Twitter, defriend me on Facebook, and take me off your blog feed because I AM GOING TO BLOW UP THE INTERNET WITH PHOTOS. I know that's why it's so hard for me to blog right now. In addition to just being tired, busy, and trying to re-prioritize some things, it's just so so hard to try to talk about and share our life, while leaving him out. He's such a big part of everything we do and everything we are, I don't know how to filter him out. Or could but it would make me sad to.

So overall, things are good. We've had some emotional things come up in the last week or go, but as in most things I've suffered, I feel more refined and closer to God having come through it. Even when it's hard, I'm thankful for His plan and His perspective, even when I can't see the whole picture. Because in the end, I know it's the better thing.

And on a different note, I read this blog post on marriage and true love today, and it just really hit home with me. Matt is amazing and if he can love me after the last 10 days or so, he can love me anytime. :)

Thanks for continuing to stay the course with us, even when I suck at blogging. I appreciate you!

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