Monday, February 4, 2013


Do y'all remember that I chose verses for Gabe and Jonah a long time ago? Well, about three or four months ago, I chose Joshua 1:9 for G and ordered his canvas from Red Letter Words.

That's just background for the story I'm about to share. :)

I can't share too much about G's case, which is why I don't post about it too much. But I will just say there are many ups and downs and somedays it feels like it will never end. We had a meeting last week, in which I was given some pretty discouraging news about how long things are going to take. I was upset and after the meeting, went out to the car, and called Matt crying. I just felt discouraged and most of all fearful for G's safety, good, and future. 

I felt gripped by uncertainty and fear, two things I know are not from God. 

After talking to Matt, my sister called. I cried to her and just told her how I was feeling. I vomited all of my frustration, anger, and sadness out on her and told her she picked a bad time to call. :) But seriously if you can't vomit your junk on your sister, who can you vomit on? Or something.

Anyway, Sarah's phone is messed up. It no longer blacks out when she puts it up to her ear to talk. So she is constantly pressing numbers, muting herself, or hanging up on me when we talk. But when she got off the phone with me, this is exactly how her screen looked, and she immediately sent me a screen shot.

There was G's verse. Her cheek had somehow opened her Bible app, gone to Joshua 1:9, and highlighted the verse. She had not been reading in Joshua. She hadn't even had her Bible app opened. She said she couldn't remember the last time she had opened that app.


I don't think anything else really needs to be said. Beyond a booming voice from the heavens, I couldn't have asked for a clearer sign. God is with us "every step (we) take." I'm so thankful. And full of His peace.

Isn't He so good?


Amanda said...

This is so neat!! Love when God does things like this!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Praying for your heart through all this. Hugs.

Brooklynn said...

Amazing. God is good!!

Jen Atkinson said...

This was awesome to read. We are also foster parents, just in New York state. Our latest placement is a baby that is now 16 months old that has been with us since birth. Just this morning I was in tears over the possibility that the judge will place him with his aunt (even though the lawyers tell us that he will likely stay with us). Just couldn't imagine losing this boy that I love as much as if I had birthed him. Thanks for the encouragement...a word in season for me (and may we both have quick adoptions in our future : ))

Unknown said...

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