Wednesday, August 8, 2012

help baby n!

Hi Friends.

I have a favor to ask. So many of you stepped up and helped get Anton home from Eastern Europe, and I'm so very thankful. I got to see Sweet Boy last week at the EB Patient Care Conference in Orlando, and he looks amazing. See?

He was so blessed in so many ways, having a full-time Nanny who loved him so and thankfully was able to remain in the hospital instead of being put in an orphanage.

Baby N is not as lucky. He is currently living in an orphanage in EE and not getting the care or love he needs. They are not changing his bandages very often and aren't holding or loving on him, for fear of hurting him.

He has a Mommy and Daddy waiting to go get him, but first, they have to raise the funds.

Will you help? If everyone who reads this post gave just a little, we could bring him home. Just like Anton.

Here is Vanessa's post about Baby N and his awesome Waiting Mommy, Tona.

And here is Tona's post about the fundraiser they're doing right now. You can win an ipad. Suh-weet! You have until August 17th to enter/donate to be in the drawing.

Thank you so much for caring and for helping our sweet EB babies.

Love you all!

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