Monday, July 16, 2012

splash pad!

We got to come to Florence this weekend to visit Matt's parents, sister, and her kiddos. Last week was the big family beach week, so Kim and the kids are down from New York. They came to Granny and Grandaddy's for this next week, so Matt and I wanted to make sure we came for the weekend and Jonah got to play with his cousins (since we can't go to the beach anymore). Matt took off work today and we'll be heading back this evening around dinner time.

Yesterday, we took Jonah to a Splash Pad for the first time. HE HAD SO MUCH FUN! It was really nerve-wracking because if he had fallen, it would have been REALLY bad (he wasn't wearing bandages, only Tubifast garments). We just stayed right with him the whole time. Not the most relaxing thing, but fun, nonetheless. Worth it, for sure.

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