Tuesday, January 31, 2012

jonah update, again

I just want to thank you all for the prayers and advice. Some of the things you've mentioned, I've tried, some I haven't but I'm always thankful for the tips. What do first time moms without blogs do when they need help? I have my very own advice/support network. :)

Last night was MUCH better. Jonah had one bad coughing episode and coughed on and off throughout the night but nothing like the five or six horrible episodes he'd been having the previous three or so nights. Honestly, I've lost track and it all just runs together. I just know I felt way more rested today than I have been. :) Instead of trying to tube feed him lesser amounts of his high cal/fat/protein stuff I normally give him, I took Owen's mommy's advice and tried some lighter stuff through the tube. So for breakfast and lunch he had a container of baby food granola mixed with a pack of cinnamon applesauce, duocal for calories, and some rice cereal to thicken it up. That made about five ounces, and he held it ALL down at both breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I strained the chicken chunks out of some Cream of Chicken soup and tube fed him six ounces of that. HE HELD DOWN ALL HIS FOOD ALL DAY. Praise God!

Things were really looking up, but around 11:30 this morning, he started looking worse and was running a 100.4 temp under his arm. The temperature scared me, because with all his coughing, especially at night, pneumonia was my first thought. I took him to the doctor at 3:00 and she quickly determined that he has a double ear infection, but no pneumonia. Praise God!

So now we're to continue his breathing treatments until his cough and congestion are better, on ten days of Amoxicillin, and five days of (evil) Prednisone. He's coughed less today, and it seems the neb treatments are definitely working. Praise God!

So except for dreading five days of Meany Head 'Roid Rage Jonah, things are looking up!

Thank you so much for your prayers! As always.

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