Thursday, December 15, 2011

the Christmas story, revisited

Y'ALL - I'm listening to some sermons that are completely revolutionizing the Christmas story for me. The Bible, for the first time ever for me, is coming to life and I'm seeing how God paved the way for the coming Jesus LONG BEFORE he ever came. It all pointed to Him. Always.

Beth Moore is doing a series on Living Proof on A Fresh Advent, which is amazing. You can listen to those here:
(The first one is great and the next one comes out on Monday.)

And one of our ministers posted a link to this one about who the Wise Men (Magi) really were, which was INCREDIBLE. Long, but so worth it.
(And I plan to go back and find the rest in that series.)

Sorry, I'm geeking here. God is so amazing.

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