Thursday, September 8, 2011

nothing much

Nothing much to report today. Jonah has been a P-I-L-L today. Constant fussing and crying, screamed all through Target. I really hope he's not getting sick. It's really unlike him to be so difficult. He seems to be resting okay tonight, so we'll see how tomorrow goes. Maybe he's just had a pissy day. We're all entitled to them every now and again. :)

While he screamed in Target,  I went to the candy aisle and bought two of the biggest bags of Sour Patch Kids I could find. And now I'm eating them. Remember that time I had lost seven pounds?

On Week 8 (again) of Couch to 5K. Can't run 28 minutes on my own, but if I run with a friend, we can rock it. We go slow, but we can run about 2.5 miles. Pretty awesome seeing as how I could barely run the 60 second intervals in Week 1. Slowly but surely.

Still trying to narrow down what we want to do to Get our Serve On. We're looking into spending time at the homeless shelter here in town and there is also a friend of a friend who has started an urban ministry here in town (very close to us) that I want to check out. I really want us to do something relational if at all possible. If you're interested in participating, make sure you join our Get Your Serve On group on Facebook. A really cool community forming over there.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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