Thursday, May 26, 2011


You guys are so amazing. The fact that your donations raised about $4,000 in just a few days to bring John and Carson home just blows my mind.

There's big news. Karrie and Donnie's dossier was submitted in Eastern Europe today. They could get their appointment and have to travel in one to four weeks. Because the boys are separated and in two different regions, they have to pay for two adoptions. AND they have to stay longer in the country. That means more expenses over a longer period time and more time that Donnie is out of work.

They still have so much to raise - 
facilitator fees - $18,000
plane tickets for the four of them - $7,000
medical checks for the boys before they can leave the country - $300
passports for the boys - $2,000
the boys' visas - $808
housing while there (8 weeks) - $4,480
food while there - $1,680
in country travel (the boys are 400 miles apart) - $3,000

With the $12,500 they've already raised for this part of the process (they've already had to spend thousands on the stuff that came before this), they still have around $25,000 to raise before they can travel. And that's not including the money that would be helpful to raise for Donnie's lost wages while they're gone. All of that to say, it's a lot. The fact that there are two boys and they are so far apart and in different regions makes the process much more expensive.

They are running out of time to raise the money. The boys know they are coming. They are waiting.

They need better care. Many of the wounds they have could be prevented. From the looks of their photos, I'd say they're most likely anemic. And they may have infections too. So much of it could be prevented and fixed if they could just make it home.

There is no reason the boys should be suffering these huge, deep wounds. With the right bandaging materials and daily care, they will have a life they've never known. One filled with the love of friends and family, the hugs of parents and siblings, the safety and warmth of a real home, and some of the best medical care in the world.

I know $25,000 to $35,000 sounds like an overwhelming amount. But just think if we all shared this story everywhere we could think of (you can direct them to this post if you don't have the time to write one up yourself) and donated anything we could, just think how quickly we could raise this money?

My God is so Big, so Strong and so Mighty, there's NOTHING my GOD cannot do!

I know there are critical people out there (I got a snide comment from one just this week) that think, "Well, if they're going to make it so expensive to adopt the kids they don't even want, why don't we just say no? When is enough enough? Take care of your own kids." 

I didn't respond (trust me, it was better that I didn't), but my thought was, "Well, I guess we say no when we've determined that when Jesus commanded us to take care of the orphans, he only meant the well ones, the convenient ones, and/or the American ones... or maybe when we decide that that command doesn't apply to us at all." The Cannells have stepped up to do an amazing thing. Families like them step up every day to do the same kind of amazing things. What if we took "bear one another's burdens" to heart and did all we could, as a community, to bring these sweet boys home?

What a testimony. What a story we'll have to tell, Friends.  

A couple practical thoughts on raising funds quickly - collect change from your coworkers, ask to hold a special collection at church, get a dollar from everyone you know, post about it on Facebook and/or your blog and ask everyone to give $5, email all your friends and family and ask them to donate (give them a direct link), ask for donations to the Cannell boys instead of gifts for upcoming birthday/graduation gifts, participate in the Cannell's puzzle fundraiser, give your leftover PayPal balance if you have a PayPal account, host a meal for friends/church family and ask them to bring donations, offer your skills/services (photography, organizing, sewing, whatever) for donations instead of payment (if you can afford that)... the list can go on.

Now, please, I know many of you have already donated all that you can. Please know how much I appreciate that and I'm not trying to guilt you into donating more. But if you have felt this tugging at your heart and haven't yet donated, now would be the time to do so. And if you have already donated, we just ask that you please spread, spread, spread the word... anywhere you can think of. (I just emailed a short version of their story and a link to this post to everyone in my contact list. Yep. Sure did.)

You can donate HERE or HERE. Of if you'd feel more comfortable writing a check, you can send one made out to Donnie Cannell to our PO box (right sidebar) and I'll be sure to forward it on to them.

May God bless you as you bless those in great need. Thank you, Friends. I love you all (even you, Snarky Comment Guy).

Peace and love.

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