Friday, February 4, 2011

tripp and anton

This will not be a "happy" post, but sometimes things that are really important aren't always happy. 

First of all, I'd really like to ask for your prayers for Tripp. Things are really not good. He's losing his vision in both eyes due to all the corneal abrasions he's had and resulting scar tissue. He struggles to breath and can barely stand up more than five minutes at a time, and that's on a good day. And that's with a trach. It seems with the eyes and the breathing, Courtney is running out of options. He's not gaining weight, and his mouth is torn to pieces. His teeth are also in terrible shape, and again, because of the EB and probable damage, there aren't many options. In addition to all of that, their family is having struggles in other areas, and it's just a hard situation. I was about to type, "How Courtney does it every day I don't know." But that's not true. It's because of love and because she would do (and has done) anything for Tripp. But having to watch him suffer and feeling so helpless wears her down. Please lift their whole family up in prayer.

Secondly, I don't think I've mentioned this here before, but my heart is heavy for another little boy. This is Anton. 

Anton was born by surrogate and sperm donor to a mother in Russia. The surrogate had twins. One twin was perfectly healthy. Anton had/has Recessive Dystrophic EB. His "mother" took home the healthy child and left Anton abandoned in the hospital. For over a year, he has lived in the hospital, never knowing the joy of family. He does have a nurse who cares for him, but it is my mission this year to help find him a home. 

Anton has had a history of malnutrition and his fingers and toes have already contracted. The last several months he has been at a more specialized hospital, and his care has been one-on-one. He's gaining weight, his labs are better, and he's eating heartily by spoon! (More than we can say for a certain someone I know... ahem.) He, according to volunteers and his primary caregiver, has a sweet, funny disposition and freely gives out smiles to anyone who shows him some lovin'. :)

My heart breaks for this little one, and honestly, I have thought long and hard about the possibility of adopting him ourselves. Unfortunately, I'm not getting the go ahead, and I don't feel we can take on his care too. But I so would if I thought there was a way. I'm not telling you to adopt him (but seriously, adopt him) but if you know of anyone who is open to adopting a special needs child, Anton would be a pretty special one. He could get much better care here in the states, and he deserves a Forever Family! If only he had a Courtney. (And on a side note, if I wasn't trying so hard to be like Jesus, I'd hunt down his so called "mother" myself and... well, never mind.)

You can follow Anton's Facebook page HERE and a website is set up HERE with his story and how to donate to his care. Please share his story with everyone you know. Let's find this deserving kiddo a home by the end of the year (or month!). Regardless, please pray for him too.


About Southern Belle said...

I'll be praying for both tripp and anton.

Brenda K said...

What sweet boys. It breaks my heart to know that Anton doesn't have a family to love him. :( If there was a way for us to adopt him, I would in a heartbeat. He is absolutely precious.

Praying always for Tripp & Jonah. I follow Courtney's blog as well. You may not think so, but you & Courtney & other EB parents truly are heroes and angels on earth.

Praying for your families & for a cure for EB!


Laura said...

Not thinking 'responsibly' or 'realistically', but why couldn't an auction be done to help fund Anton's adoption?

But let me not forget dear Trip, whom I've prayed for so many times over the last year and a half .... God bless Trip and his family!

Anonymous said...

Tripp is always in my prayers, I feel so bad for him. My heart is broken.

I will also keep Anton in my prayers. I have heard his heartbreaking story before. I so wish I could adopt Anton and give him the love and care he deserves. He so deserves to know the unconditional love of a Momma. I have a major soft spot in my heart for EB and I would love to be his Mommy. Unfortunately, we don't have the funds and it would be tough to manage his care right now, as we have a 10 1/2 year old, 4 1/2 year old and 9 month old. I hope to someday be able to adopt a special needs child. For now, I will pray SO hard for Anton and pray that he finds his forever family, God speed.

Praying for Jonah and your family too.

With love,
Kristi- Castle Rock, CO

K said...

Thank you for featuring Anton! I was just going to email you again about his. Well, I guess the first time I commented, not emailed. I know you would be his mom in an instant, if you could, but there aren't enough hours in the day for you to care for him and Jonah since someone's feeding requires so much time - ahem!

I know that Anton's chances of finding his forever family are greatly increased from his exposure on your blog.

I think it's important for all readers to really take to heart, who don't know this already, is that the struggle with a child with a special need can be great, but the love and blessings you receive are greater than you can ever imagine! This blog is a testimony to that.

carla said...

I don't understand how someone could abandon a baby like that, especially, when he has a twin. So often, twins always feel that they are missing something. How is that child going to feel when he finds out that he had a twin brother but his mother chose not to take him because he wasn't perfect. I'll add him to my prayers, with Tripp. Thanks for letting everyone know about him.
Carla Spradlin, Portsmouth, Ohio

cdavison said...

As a mother of twins, I cannot fathom leaving one of them behind. It's unthinkable. I am so heartbroken over this story. I have always wanted to adopt, but the cost is so outrageous. I pray that the right family will be joined with this child very soon!

Beth Herring said...

praying for both of those precious boys. and yours as well. thank you for bring this to our attention!

Sarah-Anne said...

praying for both of those sweet boys, plus handsome Jonah! and you! :)

Sharon and Michael said...

praying .. thank you for posting this. i sent your link to a group of families that adopt special needs children.