Monday, January 3, 2011


The Spirit is moving in me a lot lately. I have so many "resolutions" for this year, and the rest of my life for that matter, but none of them have to do with exercising more, eating better, working harder, or being more organized. Those are good goals, but really,what do they matter in the long run? (Let's face it, folks, when I'm lying on my death bed, it's unlikely I'll be thinking, "I really wish I had lost that ten pounds," and much more likely that I'll be saying something like, "I should have eaten more bacon.")

I want to be so many things that I'm not. True, I'm not organized enough or in shape of enough or frugal enough with my money. I'm okay with it. What I'm NOT okay with is that I live my comfortable little life in my comfortable little house in my comfortable little zone, doing very little to actively love like Jesus. My "resolutions": love like He does, serve like He did, complain less, talk positively about others, reserve judgment, see people for their potential, reach out to the hurting, love like crazy, live for others. 

My Abba, help me to love others like I love my Jonah. Help me to love like you love me.

Help me not to take a minute for granted, help me to LIVE and LOVE like you do.

Give me the passion, strength, and courage to be drastic, serve others, to really make a difference.

I want to be different, Abba. I want to be the opposite of what so many have come to hate about "Christians." I don't want to be judgmental, negative, hopeless, hypocritical, or stingy.

Give me ideas, inspiration, and the ability to be who you are calling me to be... to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world.

I want to be water to a dry, thirsty land. A light in the darkness. I want to share hope with the hopeless.

I want to show my little boy what it means to be a true follower of Christ, a disciple. I don't want to be a hatemonger, a fearmonger, or a hypocrite. I want to love unconditionally, serve without expectation, give generously. I want to live like my money is not mine, my things are not mine, my life is not mine. 

Please help me to be the wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and person you call me to be. No more excuses. No more waiting. Your love is overwhelming. The hope you offer is priceless. The Good News is too awesome not to share. I want to love like Jesus. Give me His eyes and heart. Here I am, Lord. Send me.

I bought "Calm My Anxious Heart" (Linda Dillow), "Crazy Love" (Francis Chan), "Forgotten God" (Francis Chan), and "Radical: Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream" (David Platt) today. I know, I know. I got a little carried away. I don't know yet in what order I'll read them, but I'll try to post as I go along. I'm serious y'all. It's time for a change. Who's with me? (And also, I would encourage you to stop by Waiting for Happy too. I think the Spirit's doing some moving over there too. Thanks for being so bold, Kristy.)


Shari said...

I am glad you posted this! It was convicting for me and really maade me think! Thank you!

Meredith said...

First I love your resolutions; they're a lot like mine! And second, did you dit Jonah's face or does it really look that good. Praying it looks that good and that all the prayers for your sweet boy are working.

I rarely comment but just wanted to let you know you, Matt and Jonah are in my prayers every day.

God bless

Laura Darling said...

I read here all the time but hardly ever comment, but this post was so inspiring to me. I bought Radical months ago, read the first chapter, and put it away. I haven't looked at it since. I think I am scared to read it because I know how convicting it will be. And I'm worried and anxious about the changes I KNOW I need to make in my life. But, I think now is the time. I'm going to read it and I'm going to be open to what I feel I have to do. Thank you so much for sharing, and Happy New Year to you guys!!

Renee said...

I'm with you, Patrice! I've been mulling over a similar post for later in the week. I surely wouldn't mind losing that 10 pounds & I could certainly be better organized, but all I really want is to draw others to my Jesus. I think it's time to get very, very serious about all the lost & hurting hearts outside of our own walls. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. I bought Crazy Love a while ago but still haven't read it, and I don't even know why. My daughter tells me it is a truly fabulous book!

Good grief - another p.s. - I've been a faithful reader since right before Jonah was born but have never actually commented, so I should tell ya that I pray for your sweet family regularly :)

Amber Benge said...

Patrice, I just really love this post. I don't comment often but I always read and pray for your little Jonah.

Love and blessings,

Stephanie said...

Great Post!
Jesus is shining bright through your family.
I have a whole house full of books that are half-read or (1 chapter read). One of my resolutions is to not buy more books because I won't have time to read them in the next 18 years. But, that's ok.
Motherhood is worth the small sacrifices a million times over.
Jonah is a DOLL BABY.
In Christ-

Jen said...

Love your resolutions! Go for it!

Susanne said...

I bought Radical too! I am so excited to start it. The Francis Chan books were wonderful. I love your openness about your resolutions.

JMB said...

So odd...went to the Family Christian bookstore today...just on "impulse", bought David Platt's book, and also Linda Dillow's book. Then, I check in at Kristy's blog, and yours, and find one/both books mentioned. I am hoping that this "coincidence" is a sign...

only, with God, there are no coincidences. I hope not, because at the moment I am really struggling with some things.

Patrice, I really appreciate your blog. Jonah is a sweetheart, you are an inspiration, and you are all in my prayers.

J in OH

The Greene's said...

Your post is awesome and inspiring! I've had Crazy Love waiting for me for months and I keep passing it by. I'm going to start reading it tonight!

Praying for you and your resolutions :)


Laura A said...

WONDERFUL post, Patrice. The Lord is already doing so much work in you - and through you! Praying for you, Matt and Jonah as always.

Love from TX!

Annalien said...

You truly are an inspiration to me. You have so much more than I have to deal with in your life, and yet you are willing to take on more. I pray that God may bless you and your family this year. And may He use you (and me) in expanding his kingdom.

Carrie said...

Thanks to your breathtaking post, "I Bow My Will", my women's small group has chosen this book for our Spring Bible study. The leader and I had been going back and forth on several books. All of a sudden, I remembered your post about "Satisfy My Thirsty Soul". I told the leader about it, read your post to her, and she said, "That's the book we're doing." I can't wait to start reading it!

I have also read Radical and Crazy Love. Both are life-changing books. Radical is absolutely phenomonal! Our church did a sermon series on Crazy Love. That is an awesome book too. Please let us know what you think of these books!

Finally (sorry I've written a book on here), your resolutions are so similar to mine. My resolution is to give more of myself than ever before...more of my time to Jesus, more serving as his hands and feet, and more giving of my (or His) money and possessions. 2011 is going to be a great year!

Gilda said...

Wow! looks like god is moving alot of things in everyone this year. I am with you!

Cristi said...

AWESOME GIRL! Thats great. God is well able to supply that need you have to be more like Him. I suggest you start with Crazy Love - that book goes along well with your thoughts here and it has the potential to be life changing. God Bless you and yours.

Cristi said...

Ok I just had to comment again. Sorry! hehehe First the pictures are great! Then your title here made me think of this old hymn and is so fitting for your words here. I AM RESOLVED NO LONGER TO LINGER, CHARMED BY THE WORLDS DELIGHT. THINGS THAT ARE HIGHER, THINGS THAT ARE NOBLER, THESE HAVE ALLURED MY SIGHT. I WILL HASTEN TO HIM, HASTEN SO GLAD AND FREE. JESUS, GREATEST, HIGHEST, I WILL COME TO THEE.

Ellen said...

Your post is everything I have been thinking about myself lately! I just finished reading one religous I am on to another....I think one you have mentioned. Thanks for the post and I look forward to more like it!

Heather said...


Tina said...

Jonah looks great! So glad he is doing well. You are a terrific mother and someone I admire and look up to.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing post...these are things I really needed to hear today. Very convicting. Jonah's face is looking so good. So glad it's healing, I pray daily for your family!

Lisa said...

Oh, you will LOVE Radical. Just finished it and boy was it ever convicting.

Claire said...

What a wonderful post!


Greg, Melissa, and Luke said...

Hi Patrice! Thanks for the advice on the shoes. I will definitely order some ASAP even though he isn't close to walking. :) Also, just wanted to let you know I loved your "resolutions." I know i could resolute to do the same. I have read Calm My Anxious Heart. IT.IS.AMAZING. Jonah is the cutest little boy. I cried when I watched him walk. I have told EVERYONE I know. People in Houston love Jonah! I wish i could meet you all someday! Jonah and Luke would be fast friends! Take care!

chinamoon1420 said...

Oh my gosh! We should start a book club! I saw those at Life Way when I was Christmas shopping and decided I was going to try to find them at a used book store of before I paid full price for them....(budget) Anyway! I was wondering what order you would read them in! I really want to read the Satisfy My Thirsty Soul too!
I love your resolutions. I am sure it makes you cringe when you hear or read this but you really do inspire me and from reading other comments you inspire a lot of others also, and there is no telling how many people read and never comment. I know God is using you as his hands and his feet and even his mouth! As Jonah grows he will come to see that his mamma and daddy are some amazing people. Jonah is going to be quite an amazing young man too because of the two of you.
Much love to all of you and prayers

momma betchan said...

Rarely comment but had to with this post.
Good for you. We should all want that.
Jonah is beautiful :)

Chris said...

Radical is on our reading list this week too! Our prayers are very similar...we can be so complacent in our lives and let others do what the Lord is calling us to do.
I look forward to getting encourage each other as the Lord works through us.

trooppetrie said...

that is my goal this year to get back to relationship building with my husband and children and to work on my relationship with Christ.

Erin said...

I am totally with you on this! A message very very similar to what you just shared was spoken at church this past Sunday. I read Calm My Anxious Heart and it was awesome, I just ordered one of Francis Chan's books. I have to finish Crazy Love first. I don't want to be complacent in my walk with the Lord, I want to reflect Him and not just blend in with the world.

Tracy said...

I accidently deleted my post :)

Awesome! I just started reading "Radical" and it is great. Some family and friends of mine are actually starting an online bible study on the book in just a couple weeks.