Monday, November 16, 2009

eating update

I got reprimanded for no photos, so here is a cute one from Sunday. Jonah's not smiling, but I still was at this point, so really, that's saying a lot.

Jonah only had 17 ounces today, but that's up two from yesterday.

Pray, pray, pray.

So this is the regimen we were on:

- 27 calorie per ounce Alimentum formula
- Rice in each bottle (1 Tsp. per 4 ounces)
- 15 mg of protein a day (some kind of non-whey collagen of some sort since we were trying to avoid whey protein)
- Polyvisol w/ iron, Vit C, and Zinc supplements
- Medicines: 15 mg Prevacid a day, Carafate, Atarax

Today I got (by popular demand) the Good Start Gentle Plus. I'm doing anywhere from four to five ounces of that mixed with one to two ounces of Vanilla Pediasure. Right now I'm just mixing the milk per the can directions, but if he can handle it okay, we'll need to move up to the 27 calorie mixture (.7 scoops per ounce instead of .5). Still adding the rice cereal and all supplements and meds. I'm trying to give as many meds as I can by syringe (to keep from contaminating his bottles), but you just can't force that Polyvisol down. So gross.

We've tried two bottles with the new formula/Pediasure. His 4:00 bottle was a complete success! Six ounces in about 20 minutes.

Tonight's bottle was a failure. 70 cc's (about 2 1/2 ounces) in an hour and a half.

He won't eat when he's awake and is too tired to eat when he's asleep. Grrr.

Anyway, there's the update. I'm really hoping this much sweeter, much better tasting (yes, I tried it) concoction will make him like eating again.

Oh yeah, and I bought a couple of those paci (Phillip M., that one's for you) net things that you can put the solids in that they can suck on. I'm going to try something in that tomorrow (thickened yogurt maybe?) to see if he'll like that better than a spoon coming at his mouth.

Thanks for praying and caring so much. Your comments were so helpful.

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Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you are feeling hopeful about Jonah's eating tonight!

Praying that I read great news tomorrow!

Rachaellh said...

Praying for your tonight. Praying that Jonah will like his new bottle mixture and EAT and EAT and EAT. Praying for you, Patrice, that you get some rest (body & soul) and that you feel God's love around you tonight.

You might try freezing the yogurt a little so that it doesn't just goop everywhere.

Lots of love from Texas,

Stacy K. said...

Stay positive Patrice! You're such an inspiring Christian and Mother.

Laura A said...

Hi Patrice-

Glad that you had a little more success today, and will pray that it continues. I know what you mean about that Polyvisol - it smells SO bad, I can't imagine how it must taste!

Love and prayers from TX!

Mindy said...

My daughter has really low weight gain, and dr put her on pedisure. She's not a big eater but then you add the pedisure and now she hardly eats any food. So maybe this would help you with the food worries as much. If you are giving him rice, and higher calorie formula, and now adding pedisure maybe the amount of ounces isn't as important since it's higher calories. I know he needs extra calories but maybe that explains his weight gain (even though not much) when he's not eating that many ounces per day. I hope he continues to gain weight. That photo you posted is too cute of your family!

Erica said...

Praying that this new formula will really help Jonah to enjoy eating again!!!

Michael Joseph said...

Here is a suggestion for the vitamins. We were using the very gross poly and putting it in his bottle. He was refusing to eat. We went to the health food store and got different vitamins. They were just as good but a better taste and we were able to just give them to him. He hate like a champ then. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan! I'll pray that he can handle the new formula/plan without any problems and that he will decide it is yummy and want to eat lots of it!

Love the picture of your sweet family!


Amy said...

Trice, you can TOTALLY use that as your Christmas card. Jonah (and you and Matt) look great. It's leaps and bounds better than the pic we're currently going to use. Asher and Ainsley aren't smiling...Ainsley's not even looking at the camera, but Peyton and I look decent. Hoping he eats better tomorrow.

Bethany said...

Is he refusing the bottles with polyvisol in them? That stuff is FOUL. I don't know why it has to taste so rotten.

Joanie said...

I pray the new combo works!
I was talking with a friend today and had another thought. Do you have fast-flow nipples on your bottles? I still use the ones that came on our bottles, which drip when turned upside down. My friend showed me her level 3 nipples, and the milk pours out in a stream when upside down. If you don't already have those, maybe it would force Jonah to swallow more when he drinks.
I hope the mesh feeders work, too! Mine love them, but some babies are sensitive to the extreme cold of the frozen food and could be to the mesh texture. You can even put fresh fruits and veggies in there though if he doesn't like the cold. We've done apple and banana slices.
Also, just wanted to check to see if you've talked to the dr. about doing .7 scoop/oz. instead of .5. I read recently that baby kidneys can't process the formula if it's too concentrated...don't want anything to happen to the sweet boy's kidneys.
Good luck with it all!

rameelin said...

I adore that picture of your family, Patrice!!! Still always praying! ♥

Nutty Mom said...

That's a CUTE picture. Look at his bright blue eyes!

Amanda said...

I sure hope this new concoction is right up Jonah's taste buds!!

A thought on the medicine, since mixing in his bottle means he might not get it all if he doesn't want to drink---they make these medicine pacifiers that are a pacifier on one end, and a measuring cup that screws on on the other end. Maybe if you mixed them with sweet tea and he sucked on it like a paci, maybe that would work?

Just thought I would offer that to you. We got one as a baby shower gift with our first son, and I loved that thing. They same people who bought us that also bought us a pacifier thermometer--they just suck and it gave the temp. It was usually off by a degree, but it gave me a range to start with while I had to get the rectal one ready---Poor kids--I think I did the rectal thermometer readings until he was at least 2 years old. Our doctor told us that was the most accurate way, and trying to get a child to sit still to keep it under their arm was just bot cutting it in our house.

Good luck with Jonah's feedings tomorrow! And thanks for sharing Tripp's story with us. It's an honor to pray for you both!!

Valerie said...

Praying that he likes the new bottle & food options. And I really like that photo of you three. I can't get my little girl (14 mo) to smile at a camera, so I count it as a success when they are not crying & looking in the semi-direction of the camera! And I love the sweet smile on your face as you are holding him. Shows how much you love that little boy! I think it would make a great Christmas card!

Stina said...

My son hated polyvisol too until we found a pharmacy that does compounding and could add some flavoring to it. It wasn't expensive and added a sweet grape flavor to it. Maybe something you could look into to see if a pharmacy would do that for you?

Jennifer said...

Thank you!

Praying tonight that after a few feedings Jonah will come to enjoy the new taste.

Praying always for a miracle.

Lizzie said...

I love your top!

Williams' Family said...

My son takes meds for reflux, and used to gag and throw up when ever I gave it to him. We started adding a grape flavoring at Walgreens and now he takes it will no problem. Have you ever tried soy formula with him? Our 3rd son could not drink regular formula for some reason, but when we switched he drank much better! Will pray for Jonas today!

Linda said...

Patrice: I think Jonah has a sweet tooth like his Mommy. Hopefully the new sweeter formula he will like and start eating better.
Love the picture of the family. You look like you could just eat him up. Will continue to pray that Jonah starts eating better and sleeping better too. Take care and hang in there. Love Leah's Nana

mom nana nelson said...

I am praying every day for Jonah and yourself and youre husnabd.
I am happy you "found" diapers that are "work" for Jonah.
Your Friend from Long Island
New York

melissa said...

Praying for sweet Jonah!

Love the family pic!

Anonymous said...

Patrice--I just had some ideas. Please don't think that I think you aren't doing your best!

Baby vitamins are awful tasting. It makes me worry since that taste is in his bottle--he's not going to know what good formula tastes like. Plus he is not getting the full dose of anything if he doesn't finish the bottle.

Have you ever tried giving his meds in a tiny bit of formula, maybe on a spoon or with a syringe to the back corner of his cheek, (not on the taste buds) then letting him wash it down with just plain, good tasting stuff in a bottle? I second all the people who suggest getting the grape flavouring, or trying something different from the health food store.

And what about just cup feeding him when he's awake? We did that with one of our kids very early on and they liked it much better than a bottle--no lid, just a plain cup of formula or milk to the mouth. Our son also learned to use a straw at a very young age.

I just really worry about the bad tasting formula--good friends of ours adopted a one year old who was fed nothing but sour milk/formula bottles by his birth mother. He had major, major eating issues until he was 5. His nourishment as an infant was such a negative experience that he associated everything in his mouth with that bad taste and refused to eat.

I keep wracking my brain trying to think of ways to help you. It must be so hard! Take care!

Audrey said...

Praying, praying. How many ounces/calories are they wanting Jonah to get. If I did the math, right, 17 of his higher calorie formula ='s 24 oz of "regular" calorie formula. Plus his rice, protein, meds, etc. Maybe that's enough for him? (I know not enough for you or not enough for what his little skin needs to heal and rebuild...but maybe his belly can only handle so much). My kids (2 years and 7 months) never ever took more than 20-22oz a day when I switched them over from breastfeeding. And that was just plain old regular calorie stuff.
Not that I'm being useful...
So, maybe if we knew how many cals or fat grams they want Jonah to get, we could help you figure out creative ways to get it in him and then you wouldn't have to stress out so much (over his eating). Like what about adding a TBSP of corn oil to his food/bottles to add fat? My sis did this with her skinny preemie baby...
Love your blog...Jonah is sooooo cute! We'll help you through this! No G-tube for that sweet boy if we can all help it!! =)

Ronda said...

I hope he starts to eat more! Just a warning about those net things to put solids in. I gave my daughter one of those with ice when she was teething, and the netting rubbed her face raw and gave her a rash. So just watch for that, I know Jonah doesn't need anything like that and you don't either!

Kathryn said...

Ummm...yah, I love those net thingys! My Sam would sit perfectly content for over 30 minutes if I put a banana in one of 'em...
I'm praying...EAT JONAH, EAT!!!!

The Alger Family said...

I think that's a great picture of you guys! Even if you're not looking at the camera it's definitely Christmas card worthy.

We continue to pray for Jonah's eating! Take care-

Heather said...

Keeping Jonah's eating in my prayers.

Paige said...

I worked in an infant room for years while my oldest was little and I had to work but couldn't think of leaving her....
over the years we had a couple of kiddos that had issues with not liking to eat. It sounds so silly but sometimes switching to those NUBY cups at Wal-mart that are like a buck each works. And- when worse comes to worse- we had one precious baby that we would feed with a syringe into the side of her mouth and we could get it down for at least hydration's sake. Hoping and praying he eats...what would we moms do if not for worry?

Brandie said...

Praying for lil man's eating to kick in to gear. Hopefully the medicines aren't making it taste too gross?
Anyway, the pic??? That is absolutely the most adorable pic EVER! Way to go Shaina!

Sabrina said...

Patrice, I am praying for you! I can not imagine the frustration you must feel when something as simple as eating is difficult for your child on top of the non-simple things. I will pray for Jonah's eating and this new formula really helps him. Love the picture, your family is beautiful.

Meg said...

Oh.My.Goodness. Most adorable baby ever! What a beautiful family!

Praying for the eating issues! What a healthy boy!


Unknown said...

Yay, Jonah! Praying he likes this new formula better and starts eating better. And that is a precious picture of you guys!

Grape News said...

Have you tried different nipples/bottles? My MIL is a foster mom of babies only. She's had MANY over the years and each one likes a different combo. He might not like the feel/smell/texture/length/hole size. :) Worth a try.

Jessica said...

I really hope last nights bottle was a fluke and he will continue to take the new mixture better.

Praying for a good update!

brenda in seattle said...

I'm sure you've gotten lots of suggestions already but I didn't read all the comments so here are mine. Sorry if they are redundant or don't help.

Can you put the vitamins in an ounce or two of sweet tea or some other yummy juice? Then the formula would be yummier.

Also, my kids used those mesh bag self feeder things. I put tons of stuff in them. Bananas, strawberries, peas, cooked carrots, melon, cooked apples. They make a huge mess but they really enjoy it. At least mine did.

I know he doesn't have any teeth yet and you are worried about scratchy things in his throat but is there anything that he could finger feed himself? My daughter hardly ate anything by spoon but if I could cut it up and put it in front of her she'd scarf it down. For right now he might be able to handle cooked peas, small pieces of banana, or Gerber makes a product called Yogurt Melts (I think that's what they are called). They truly melt in your mouth and are super yummy.


EdwinsonFamily said...

LOVE that picture! Are you kidding me?!?! PERFECT Christmas card pic! LOVE!

I'm Erin. said...

Glad you've had a least some (mixed) success with the new formula.
Were you concerned for milk allergy with Jonah? You mentioned avoiding whey...but Pediasure has milk in it. So hopefully that's a good sign that Jonah isn't allergic if he hasn't reacted to Pediasure!
Keep up the hard work!

thehobbs said...

I just wondered if you are mixing the whole bottle with the vitamins? I work in an NICU and when we have to get a baby to take bad tasting medicine (like the vitamins or something ele we know isn't good) we just mix it in a little bit of milk (like 20-30 ccs) so they drink that first and then get a bottle that tastes good. I don't know if that would help or if the more concentrated flavor would make it worse. We also only give our babies 30 minutes to eat so they don't get too tired or frustrated (and the nurses don't too!). You might try that if he will tell you he's hungry on his own. He would probably eat more often but won't have to be forced as much. Hopefully you figure something out!

Rebecca said...

If you're going to put yogurt in the mesh feeders. try freezing some in an ice tray. Last longer, and some babies love the cold, especially when they're teething. (Not sure if the cold is okay in Jonah's mouth though, so disregard that if it wouldn't be good for him). We also use banana and apple chunks (Frozen, but thawed would be okay too).

Definitely praying for the sweet little guy. Hope the new formula helps.

p.s. That picture is great! You can totally use that as a Christmas pic!

Kayla Ivarson said...

I have been following your blog for a while, and thought I'd mention a medicine bottle that I use with the boy I care for. It's called Reli-a-dose. The bottle has a inner section for a seringe that holds the medicine, so as the baby sucks down the formula, you supress the seringe to administer the med's. It works great, especially for the nasty poly-visol!! If the baby still spits it out, at least it's diluted with formula. I am even able to switch seringes for three different med's without the baby knowing. Hope this helps, I do know you will need to order it online, but it is so worth it!!!

Katie said...

Continued prayers for Jonah! Who would think that eating could be such a celebrated joy. :) Fingers crossed for that he'll take more over the next day or two.