Tuesday, October 27, 2009

eight months today

Hi Friends!

Today I turned eight months old. Wow! I'm getting so big.

I currently weigh 17 lbs, 11 oz and have for the last three and a half weeks.

Mom says I'm just as cute as ever... especially now that my hair has started coming back. It's getting so thick on top. Mom's favorite thing is to put it up in a mohawk after my bath.

And it will stay up without ANY Aquaphor, although it pretty much always has Aquaphor in it. I'm greasy, and I like it.

Socially and cognitively, I'm right on track. I make lots of sounds and love to talk. I think I get that from my mom. She never shuts up. Seriously Mom, I don't need to know everything. Really, some boundaries are okay. And don't think I didn't notice the other day that you kissed my bare hiney. I'm not letting that one go.

I regularly make the sounds ma, da, na, geh, and I sort of roll my r's. Mom's excited about that one. She says that will serve me well in my Spanish-speaking endeavors. Too bad it's a very slobbery skill at this point. We are going through many burp cloths around here. My favorite sound is my "machine gun" sound - eh eh eh eh eh eh. You get the idea. I make this face when I do it:

I've also learned to put my feet down when I'm lying down and arch my back up. I kind of jump up and down in that way, and I just think it's the best. Mom doesn't share that opinion when it comes to dressing change. I've just added it to my repertoire of things I do to make dressing change a little more complicated. It makes me really happy, though, so ultimately Mom thinks it's great too!

I am SO close to rolling over. See?

But then Mom will start jumping up and down and screaming, and I get distracted and roll back to my back. And I just smile and smile like I've already accomplished the goal. (And really, I have, because, little does Mom know, my only goal is to make her jump up and down and scream like a crazy person.)

Sometimes Mom helps me roll over. The OT calls this "facilitating the rolling over." I call it "Mom shoving me over on my face." Semantics.

But when I do get over on my tummy, this is typically my reaction:

When I'm in a decent mood, at least. Mom feels like it will be just a matter of days though. Because I am so close. If I could just figure out what to do with my stupid elbow.

I'm still not sitting up, but sometimes I can do it on my own for about five seconds. Then I either tip forward or fling myself back. Mom can't wait til I can sit up and support my own weight more. She says I'm getting heavy.

I'm sleeping mostly through the night (this week anyway), but Mom and Dad are still getting me up around 3:30 for a feeding. Most of the time I go right back to sleep. Sometimes I stay up for two hours. Depends on my mood. Some days I nap for two to three hours. Some days I sleep for two minutes. I like to keep The Big People on their toes. Makes life a lot more interesting.

I have a few favorite toys. I really like my dog whose ears flap up and down. Did you know he can sing? He sings "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" and I think he's really funny. I also like my soft, colorful Very Hungry Caterpillar. I like to chew on his antennas. Granny keeps calling them his antlers. She's so silly. Silly Granny, antlers are for mammals. And my Aunt Katherine just got me ALL. THREE. WONDER PETS.

I know, I know. I'm one lucky boy. What's that? You're jealous? You shouldn't be. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Wonder Pets.

I also love another toy. The Big People call him "Deac." I don't know what a Deac is exactly, but I think he is awesome! Every time he comes near me, Mommy says, "Say, 'Hey Deac!'" And I just smile and kick my legs and try to get my hands on him. Sometimes he'll let me pet him, and he tolerates me pretty well. Notice I said "tolerates." I certainly wouldn't say he feels quite the same affection for me as I do for him.

He likes to sit at this distance.

I like it when he sits here.

Some new things this last month - I like to play a game Mom refers to as "respiratory distress" where I suck air in and make a scary noise. Mom comes running to realize that I'm making that noise completely on purpose and cracking myself up. (What she doesn't know is that I'm laughing at her.)
I still stop whatever cute thing I'm doing when Mom gets out the video camera and make crazy eyes. Drives Mom nuts. I'm still digging bath time for the most part, and Mom can't wait til I can sit up and she can cushion a seat for me so that I can actually be in the water. She just knows I'm gonna love it. I'm starting to laugh more frequently and with more gusto than before. And, oh man, when Dad comes home, I just go nuts... kicking my legs, flapping my arms, grunting, smiling. I'm so happy to see him!

My favorite song right now is "You Are My Sunshine." That seems to change from month to month though. What can I say? I'm a man with refined tastes. I need to change it up every now and then.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Mom says I have a really important doctor's appointment tomorrow to decide about my g-tube. I ate 29 ounces today!!! True, I spit up about four of them, but still, that's so much better. The reason I ate more is because I did not nap at all, so I was really tired all day. Mom could feed me every two to three hours and I would just take a 15 to 20 minute cat nap while she fed me. And then I was all done... with both eating and sleeping.

Could you pray for me and The Big People? Mom just needs to feel what the right decisions are. She needs certain doors to open and others to close, so she'll know what to do. A new fear has clinched her heart tonight - that maybe the intubation from the g-tube surgery will lead to scarring in my trachea which will lead to a tracheostomy (now that I'm finally a silent breather with NO STRIDOR)... if not immediate, then down the road. So now, although she was feeling more content about the surgery (not the who and where of it all, but at least the getting the g-tube part), she's all upside down again in her head and heart.

It's hard being eight months old. Lots of big decisions and tough choices. Mom and Dad know I'm so strong though. They know I can overcome any obstacle and that God will get me through it. And like Dad says, I may have some physical setbacks, but EB can't do anything to my mind and heart. And Mom says they're stronger than just about anybody's. She says she couldn't love me more if her life depended on it. Her heart's about to explode, she says. Don't worry. I'll make sure she gets that checked out.


Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful & brave little boy. You have the most wonderful parents. Let them know that they are doing GREAT! All of you are truly blessed and in my prayers. You just keep those Big People smiling, ok? :) ((HUGS))


Lucy and Ethel said...

It's obvious that the ability to write hilarious posts is hereditary :)

Many hugs and prayers headed to the big folks for your appointment tomorrow, that their decisions will be easy to make and to accept.

I agree with Michelle - you are a beautiful ad brave little boy with terrific parents!!!

But you know that already.

Lucy, almost a neighbor :)

Laura A said...

Happy 8-month birthday, sweet Jonah! Consider yourself hugged from TX. We all love you and your Big People very much, and will continue to pray for you.

Love from TX!!
Laura (for all of Team Anderson)

Kimberley said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie! I am loving the mohawk! Sending prayers your way!
Love Kimberley

Anonymous said...

You are too sweet little man!

I would have thought that an almost 18 pound eight month old is a fairly chunky baby! All of my babies REALLY slowed down with their weight gain as they approached one year. Maybe it could be completely normal for him?

Praying for God to give you wisdom in your big decisions!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. 8mos.!!
Prayers for clarity in Mom's head and heart tomorrow.
love & prayers always,

Sewconsult said...

Happy 8th. Tell your mom that lots of people are praying for all of you.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Carol said...

Happy 8 month birthday, Jonah! I love how YOU wrote the post today. It is just precious. YOu are so very loved! PRayers all around for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I love Jonah's posts :) My little man is only 18 pounds at 12 months, so I think your weight sounds wonderful, although I know your mommy is mostly concerned with the fact that you have stopped gaining, so I will pray for wisdom for her and your daddy to make the best decisions for you. Oh, and my little guy likes to play the respiratory distress game too. Especially when we are in the car. He sometimes makes me almost drive off the road in fear. He laughs, and I want to cry! Stinkers!


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Jonut, I'm so glad the WonderPets arrived and that they're keeping you and Mommy company while Daddy's at work! I've been looking high and low for PLUSH WonderPets, not those hard plastic things. Finally found them. I'm a little concerned about the duck's crazy eyes, but you just make some right back at him. You can beat him at his own game. LOVE YOU TO PIECES!

onlyhuman13 said...

Happy 8 month birthday, Jonah! Love the new 'do... it suits you. =) Good luck tomorrow... I'll be doing lots of praying. It's more fun than paying attention to college lectures anyway.

Shuggamom said...

Patrice, You need to do stand-up comedy!!!! You are so so funny!!
I'm greasy and I like it,is one of my favorites from your posts today. God has richly blessed you with a wonderful sense of humor, for you and everyone in your circle of love. Laughter is the best medicine!! I just love seeing pics of Jonah and reading about his adventures with Mom and Dad and beautiful Deac. Our family will be praying for the Dr. to have wisdom to make the upmost best decision regarding Jonah.
He is such a doll!!!
Will check in tomorrow night to see how everything went.


East Texas

Jennifer said...

Thank you Jesus - 29 oz!! You are in all my prayers, Jonah.

Jenny in CA said...

That mohawk is AWESOME. Seriously. It really speaks to Jonah's inner toughness.

29 oz! Hooray! We will be praying for you all and your doctor for strength and guidance tomorrow during your appt.

My son did the massive inhale "squeal" for more than a year. He eventually learned to say keys, cheese, and peas only while doing the same inhale. It was sad when he finally learned to say them the right way. I miss that squeal now...

Happy 8 month Birthday!

Jen said...

Hey Patrice,

I've only been reading your blog for a little while now, and have only posted a few times (recently) to share that I'm praying -

This post had me smiling like a big goof ball - I can't seem to stop either - too TOO funny girl!

Jonah is so cute. My daughter is about to turn four and my son just turned two - it goes by too fast! So keep up the good humor. ;)

Still praying - and still cracking up.

Oh, and happy eight months Jonah, and congrats on the mohawk- you wear it well. :)

Jen (from New Jersey)

Cathy said...

Happy 8 months, Jonah! You are such a good writer and a beautiful boy. I'm glad you had fun at the pumpkin patch. Tell your mom that picture of the corn was the best blurred picture I've ever seen. I am praying for you all.

Courtney Roth said...

O my GOSH, I LOVE the mohawk! haha... so cute! He is getting so big, he looks like a little man. Thank you so much for updating everyone on Tripp. It means so much. Hope your doctors appointment goes exactly how you want it to! I will be praying!
Much love,
Courtney Roth

Anonymous said...

Wow! Eight months old! I can't believe it! I have been reading your blog since right before you came home from the hospital when you were born! I can't believe it has been this long! You are growing up so fast! You are such a handsome and brave little boy. Your daddy is right about your heart and your mind! Both of which I am betting will be brilliant. You are just going to shine brighter and brighter the older you get.
You have such awesome parents. They are so Godly and love you so much. They are strong, brave and so loving and so proud of you!
I will be praying for your mommy and daddy so that they can hear God helping them make decisions about what it best for you!

Big, Big hugs to you! And I am always praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this Jonah! Happy 8 months! You really cheered me up and made me smile! I have been going through a hard trial myself of late and wanted you to know that you, dear boy, ministered to me! I follow your mom's blog all the time and pray for you and your parents too! I will be praying for your appointment and decisions to be made about your g-tube! God will direct everything - remember to have your mom read you Proverbs 3:5,6! Big hugs to you baby Jonah!
Luann in WA

jardinera linda said...

Ay Jonah, me encantan tus "posts", eres tan gracioso! A partir de ahora voy a dejar mis comentarios en español, para que vayas aprendiendo...y dentro de varios años puedas escribir también para tus spanish-speaking fans.
Un abrazo grande desde Mallorca!
(por cierto, dentro de poco vas a recibir un regalito de mi parte y de mis hijos Martin e Ines; para que sepas que ya eres un bebé internacional)

Angie said...

Jonah I love it when you post! You really need to write a book one day. I think you have the most awesome Mom and Dad in the world. God is teaching them so much. He will give them wisdom, don't you worry.

Wanda Wilkinson said...

happy 8 month b'day...Was that a tooth I saw in one of this pictures?

May God go with with you to your GI appt today & may He also give mom & dad the peace & comfort to make the right decision for you.

Love & prayers

jeanie@mageditor.blogspot.com said...

Totally wonderful post! Patrice you are a talented writer and Jonah you are a fabulous little boy. Jonah, you just get cuter and cuter if that's even possible! I will be praying about the tube. Huge decisions and I'm sure they can't be easy to make.

Anonymous said...

Happy 8 month Birthday Jonah. I really missed seeing you yesterday, BUT I had an appointmrnt that I had to take care of...You tell your sweet Mommy everything went well, and I so thank her for her calls and prayers ( like she has the extra time ) but you and I both know there is power in those prayers so lets keep them coming ! I was hoping to get by and see you and your Granny before my appointment, but I had a few things to do and before I knew it,it was time for me to head to my appointment. I am in some major prayer mode, about your Dr visit today! LOVE YA
sooooo much!
Praying for healing
Gee Gee

anne conover said...

LOVE these posts, LOVE your sweet family and praying for your appointment today!

Heidi said...

Well Jonah is getting bigger. I love the new hair do. Does he babble at all? What a little gift he is!!

Linda said...

Hi Jonah:
I can't believe you are 8 months old already. You are totally awesome. The EB family will be saying prayers for you. Hopefully your appointment will go well and God will give your Mommy guidance. Take care big boy and love the Mohawk. Love Leah's Nana

Nikki said...

Can I just say that these are my absolute favorite posts? What a hoot. :)

Praying for you, little man... and your mommy and daddy, too!

The Starrs in Colorado

Anonymous said...

I think about you almost everyday little guy, your doing great (SUCH a cutie!). Hope your appointment goes well, we're praying for you!!!

Ellen said...

I love it when you post about yourself Jonah!! You are quite the funny little boy!

I'm most certainly praying for you Jonah and for your parents to make wise decisions!

Be sure to keep those parents of yours on their toes! But not too much! Your mom needs a break sometimes..so you have to try and do big 2-3 hour naps at least 5 times a week! Hee Hee He!

PS...Hey Jonah...puking is really no fun! I know being a boy that you might find something gross like puking to be fun.....but whats more fun is NOT puking and hanging on to all that food and growing nice and big so you can get big and strong enough to walk! Because then you can REALLY keep those parents of yours on their toes!! lol Just an idea Jonah! Think about! ((wink wink))

Lauren said...

Happy eight months, Jonah! Many prayers for today, and we can't wait to see you guys Sunday :)

jenn said...

it was good to hear from you little man:) good luck at the doctor today..

Anonymous said...

Happy 8th month Baby Jonah!!!

we are praying for you today, and your mommy and daddy as well!

we love you


jandkland said...

Dear Jonah,

You have a harder life as an 8-month-old than most babies, and I think you live it amazingly well. It helps to have such fabulous parents. Your mom has a sense of humor that I pray will help carry her through whatever she faces with you. And you are clearly the light of her life. You are getting so handsome! And accomplishing so much! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

--Kelley in GA

Anonymous said...

Jonah, I think you are one of the most handsome and strong little dudes I have ever had the honor to "know". You look more and more like your momma every day. I cannot believe it's been eight months since I came to this blog for the first time to read you and your family's story. You have grown so much and during the process taught me so much about courage and hope. I think you and your parents are just the coolest people ever and my boys and I continue to pray for you. You are loved, Jonah, even by people who have never actually laid their eyes on you. You and your momma have touched peoples lives and we are forever changed by you. Happy Eight Month Birthday, Jonah Babe!


Sabrina said...

Jonah you are getting so big! I have no idea how but you get cuter and cuter! Your mommy is a funny, funny girls and you are so lucky to have her and I am so lucky that she shares you! I will be praying for you and mommy and daddy today! I know your mommy will make the best decision for YOU, because she rocks like that.

Ellie said...

I love the mohawk! He's adorable! I will continue to pray for Jonah, and for you.

Rebecca said...

Happy 8 Months Jonah!!!!

Many many prayers for you at your doctors appointment and for continued good eating so that you won't need that silly g-tube at all!

Prayers for your mommy too - that she will feel peace when the right decision is made.

Jen Burns said...

I see a TOOTH coming through! Yay! Jonah is such a sweet little guy. I'll pray for the right doors to open and wrong ones to close. Hang in there!

Carla said...

Such precious pictures! Jonah sure is cute!!

Praying in Columbia, Maryland

Anonymous said...

I love me some Jonah. That's it. Nothing else to say!

Country Roads said...

Happy 8th month birthday, Jonah!

Oh, I do love when you post :) You have a great sense of humor - like your parents. Speaking of parents, you are one lucky boy to have the Mommy & Daddy that you have!!

We'll keep praying for all of you!

Kristen said...

Such a beautiful baby!

Sandy said...

Jonah (Patrice) -- you crack me up!! Too, too funny and oh SO-O-O-O SW-E-E-E-ET!!

Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Jonah you are such a wonderful writer. Reading your blog is really such an uplifting experience. You make me laugh and realize there is so much in life to experience each day. All your adventures are so wonderful. Your do (the mohawk) really seems to suit you.

I'll be praying for you and your big people to make the best decisions.