Monday, July 6, 2009

independence day

UPDATE: Jonah slept through the night. 11-7. Eight hours of consecutive sleep. You guys do NOT play around. Woo-hoo!
Shwoo... five minutes to post.

We got to the beach around 6:30 Saturday evening. Here is the house we are staying in. Pretty sweet, huh? It has eight bedrooms, which is nice for the 19 adults and 13 kids (ages 7 and under) who are here together. It can get a little loud and crazy, but very fun! Thankfully, our family granted us the one and only third floor bedroom, so the only one making noise for us is Jonah (but he makes plenty of it... another rough night last night). The main reason for the third floor is that it has a sitting area with a kitchenette and a big dining room table. The counter and table space give us plenty of room to do dressing change, and the other kids aren't allowed up there, so I can keep all his supplies safe and clean, and don't have to worry about kids getting their hands on needles.

When we arrived, everyone was out back under the deck, having a good ol' 4th of July dinner of cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Fortunately we ordered from a local place, since we had all just arrived. Unfortunately, we were missing LOTS of food... like eight burgers, 2 hot dogs, and 12 or 13 orders of fries. So it took a while to get everyone fed.

This is Jonah's first cousin, Abby, and two of Matt's Aunt Katherine's boys, Nathaniel and Nicholas.

Matt's cousin Heather's son, Mikey. Look at those missing teeth! He was so proud.

Matt's cousin Tiffany's son, Charlie. Mr. GQ himself.

Tiffany's daughter, Anna Kate, and Heather's daughter, Aliana. Ali will ham it up for the camera any time you ask. SO fun! She even paused during a small meltdown today long enough for me to get a picture.

Tiffany's youngest son, Jack. He was not so excited about the upcoming 4th of July "show" in which he was supposed to be participating. He wasn't so excited about getting his picture taken either, but little did he know that I can't resist snapping photos of pouty kids. It's a weak spot. Gotcha Jack! Muah-ha-ha!

The 4th of July march. Beautiful Abby in fine form as Lady Liberty (with a chin strap).

All the kids - minus Jack who was still not interested, Coleman already sleeping, and Gabe, singing the loudest from Heaven.

Jonah was a little overwhelmed at all the commotion and the quick pace of activities upon our arrival. Can't a boy eat and poop in peace?

I'll let this sequence of photos speak for itself.

Here comes the lip...

This is Aunt Katherine's youngest son, Jake. He is six days older than Gabe would be. It's fun watching him grow and change, and thinking of Gabe at this age.
After the show.

With his 4th of July blanket. Notice the sticker monogram.

And the mastermind and planner of the whole annual 4th of July shindig - Aunt Melanie!

And here's my handsome hubby on the beach. Aren't I a lucky blessed girl?

And handsome hubby and me on the beach. By the time we got down there, everyone else had packed up for the day, but we enjoyed a few minutes out on the beach. This was yesterday. Today, we got out a little earlier and were able to spend a couple hours. Thanks to Granny and Grandaddy for watching Baby Jonut, so we could have some fun in the sun.
I'll be a day or two behind on posts. I have a lot to post about today too, but it's taken me all day just to get this one up. We're having a great time, and Jonah had a pretty good day today. We are not getting much sleep though, since Jonah has decided that his favorite time to be up (although unhappy) is the middle of the night. Pray for sleep! :)


as written by Barbara said...

Sounds like maybe Jonah needs to have this "cyber-auntie" remind him he's on vacation & needs to sleep at night plus HAVE FUN!!! He's such a silly boy... gotta love him to pieces. :-)
Cute picture of you two at the beach.
Barbara :-)
Marysville, WA

Jennifer W. said...

What a great trip! Such fun to have so much family around!! Glad you had a wonderful fourth of July.

Unknown said...

Great times and great memories. So glad to see Jonah a big part of it and as cute as everrrrr!

"The Weavers" said...

What a little cutie!! Love the picture of the pouty lip,lol.I hope yall have a great time at the beach,we love to read your post,but try to enjoy yourself a little bit =) !

Mimmy said...

Patrice - I know I told you not to post while at the beach but I really enjoy reading about your days and seeing the wonderful photos. Enjoy your family and if you want to take a break, please do so. I'll manage.

Love you all to Heaven and back,
Mimmy, Aunt Joyce, Daniel Bradshaw's favorite Aunt

Laura A said...

Love the pictures, Patrice! Jonah is such a sweet boy, and his face seems to be clearing up a little (am I right?) Anyway, I'm glad you're all having a great time, and will pray for sleep for all of you (as well as healing!)


Rachelle said...

Oh the pouty lip! How do you resist his charm? I love his big blue eyes. Hope you're getting some rest

the-mommy-person said...

Have so much fun! You deserve it! Love to Jonah!

Becca B. said...

What a great looking family you have! I'm jelous you all are at the beach; that house looks awesome! Jonah looks so cute with his lip poked out! I have a weakness for sad faces too. I'll pray for sleep tonight, so you guys can really enjoy your vacation during the days. You guys deserve it!

Anonymous said...


Jennifer said...

I will definitely pray for sleep!!

You have a ford escape, I can tell by the seat and door handle. We do too! I love those cars :)

Jonah is too adorable for words. His little lip when he cries, awww. He is one tough little boy. What a miracle. Kudos to you mom and dad!!!! I love reading the blog day to day and seeing Jonah's progress and growth. He gets cuter every time! :)

Laura said...

Wow!!! 8 hrs. of consecutive sleep...great! Glad you are enjoying yourselves. Enjoy some sand and water for Eli and I. The only beach we've been to this year is one at a lake(still fun, but not the ocean).

Laura S.

Drea said...

WOW! 8 hours of sleep... you are probably as refreshed as Jonah :)
I am so glad to see you all having a good vacation!

In response to your previous post a while back regarding fuzzibunz- I recieved an email this am from that if you put JULY09
in as the code at checkout you get $5 off you first order. They sell fuzzibunz. Thought of you when I saw it.

In my thoughts and prayers
New Market, AL

lov said...

looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

you are very blessed with a large happy family

Millicent said...

Hooray for sleep!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's something restful about the air, the ocean, the whole atmosphere of the beach. Maddie did her first "all nighter" at the beach last year. I am so glad you all are there, having a good time, getting some rest and catching some rays. Enjoy every minute of it.
Sandy W.

Anonymous said...

Yay Jonah! There is nothing like some serious, uninterrupted sleep :) Love the pictures of him getting ready to cry during the show. I hope it's not too evil that I adore pictures of babies and their little pouty faces. His little lower lip is priceless! Have fun on your trip. It looks like lots of fun!


P.S. - Any updates on Jonah's finger, or the blister on his tongue? I've been saying lots of prayers for those 2 specific things lately.

MITZI said...

Matt without his cap!! What happened?! :)

Melissa said...

Gosh, I love those pics of Jonah! He is such a punkin' pie! I'm so happy that you are enjoying a little R & R with your family.

By the way, I love the sticker monogram on Jonah's blankie. Those letter stickers look strangely familiar. I got some at Target and used them on the Father's Day cards I had my boys make. Target rocks!

Bless you and continue to enjoy your vacation!

Donna in NC said...

Love the pouty lip! Have a great trip!

Lorraine said...

Yay for a full night's sleep! Praying that continues and that y'all are really able to enjoy vacation ... looks fun so far!

Jenny said...

What a great time! I love the pictures of Jonah with "the lip". My nephew does the same thing and it's so cute! Of course, it's immediately followed by crying, but I love his pouty face.

I'm so happy you all are having a nice time on your trip.

Heather said...

Praise the Lord, thank You for letting Jonah sleep throught the night! How wonderful!!!

You look like you are having such a great time. I love the pictures of Jonah, he looks beautiful as ever. Stay safe down there and I'm still a prayin'!

Tina said...

i hope you dont mind i added your blog button to my prayer list.

Jennifer said...

Yay!! 8 hours of sleep! Thank you Jesus for answering to our prayers!

Sandy said...

Absolutely love the whole July 4th "show" . . . your pictures re so adorable. I love how everyone dresses the part too . . . especially Jonah with his little blanket! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures, your words, thoughts and feelings. You guys have become such a huge blessing in my life.

God bless and have FUN!

queenmari said...

it looks like you are having a wonderful family filled vacation, and i'll be praying you get more and more time at the beach (maybe even alone time:)

beautiful family and what a treat to have the kids together. it is a blessing.

jonah is as adorable as ever. how are you doing with the kids (maybe even adults too) wanting to touch him and not touching open blisters? it is a blessing to see him being a part of the group and having such a good time.

purejoy said...

absolutely love all the red white and blue!! and the headdresses!! what fun! i think a good ole americana celebration is the BEST way to celebrate july 4th!! Go USA!!

Anonymous said...

That pouty lip will get that boy anything he wants... I know I could never resist it! Too sute!